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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Net Technologies offers a full range of Security and Risk Management Services.

Our holistic approach to security ensures that our clients have a better understanding of overall organisational security risks to their organisation.Net Technologies offers to its Clients state of the art solutions and knowhow and provides services  based on recognized international  business best practice and applicable legislative or regulatory requirements.

Net Technologies offers end-to-end security solutions.
Since we operate in various business sectors, we have the ability to bring a wider perspective to Clients and thus provide the ability to adopt the best security practice possible.

Our services include

  • Security Vulnerability Assessment
  • Facilities Risk Assessment
  • IT Security Assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Plans
  • Protection of Critical Infrastructure
  • Network HCIS Evaluation and Plan
  • Network and Plant Safety
  • Security and Safety Consulting

In addition, Net Technologies offers a full range of services for PPDR networks and applications. Having vast experience in TETRA networks, we offer full scale services for mission critical networks.

Our company is among the world leaders in engineering services for critical communications networks, for the complete project life cycle, from feasibility studies to roll out and operations set up.


Protecting information, whether it is held electronically or by other means, should be at the heart of the organisation’s security planning. Our IT Security assessment efforts incorporate a holistic approach to evaluate the human, physical and cyber elements of the critical IT infrastructure and services.

Protection can include a wide range of activities, such as

  • hardening facilities
  • building resiliency and redundancy, incorporating hazard resistance into initial facility design
  • initiating active or passive countermeasures
  • installing security systems
  • promoting workforce security programs
  • implementing cyber-security measures

TETRA references

  • TETRA Network Design, Eastern Province and Shaybah.
  • TETRA Network Implementation, SSSP in Riyadh, Jeddah and Abha
  • TETRA System in a new Communications Building, Nuayim
  • TETRA Mobile Radio Planning, Design and Final Testing, Shaybah
  • TETRA Radio Planning in Jazan
  • TETRA Mobile Radio Planning and System Design, Fadhili GP
  • TETRA Indoor Design, Jazan Plant
  • TETRA Network Design, Al Hasa
  • TETRA/VHF Network Design and Implementation, Jazan Plant
  • TETRA Network Design and Implementation, Zuluf CPF
  • TETRA Indoor Design, Final Verification Test for STF/NTF, JazanPlant
  • KHURAIS Indoor Design
  • TETRA Network Design, SSSP in Qassim and Madinah

And more…

IT and Facilities Security references

  • Security IT Analysis, Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Tabuk Plant of Saudi Aramco.
  • Security IT Analysis, Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Ras Tanura Refinery of Saudi Aramco.
  • IT Security Assessment of Duba Plant of Saudi Aramco.

And some more references

  • Traffic Analysis Study For a SCADA System
  • TETRA Mobile Radio Planning, Design and Final Testing, Shaybah
  • Radio Design Tanajib Gas, Oil and Pipelines
  • YamamaMobile Radio System
  • MW Design for Dammam Facilities
  • VHF Marine, Aviation Drive Test and Radio Study

And more…

For Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • EU Hipow Project
  • Facilities Protection of Airbases







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