We believe that innovation is the key element of success for any company working in a complex area of technology such as information technology and telecommunications. We participate in several on-going national and European R&D projects and co-operate with numerous universities, research institutes and corporations. Our research interests mainly focus on the following fields:

  • Wireless communications
  • Broadband technologies and networks
  • Security & protection
  • Software development for mobile and wireless communication solutions
  • IOT, Cloud and the mobile citizen


Considering the application domains, we are looking for possibilities also in the following areas:

  • Oil and gas networks, power and water networks
  • Innovative technology and knowhow for sustainable solutions
  • Innovative district heating and cooling solutions
  • Solutions for infrastructure, transport, railways, special city developments, shopping malls, ports and airports
  • Border control solutions, security and safety


Nowadays, all the above-mentioned sectors have an ICT-part, for instance when a shopping mall is constructed, an internal wireless network must be designed and implemented. Sustainable energy& water solutions are possible only by using modern information technology.

Communication between operators and users of the railway networks are done by special secure network technology. Bus companies in main city are using travel cards, which are using systems with advanced information systems. Modern border control systems are requiring communication with several remote databases.


In the innovation projects we are:

  • Participating in the design and implementation of new ICT technologies
  • Verifying and expanding own innovations and prototype solutions
  • Strengthening and expanding our expertise in wireless technologies
  • Creating strong and bi-directional relationships with organizations that are also involved in R&D activities.


Some of our research projects are:


ISITEP Inter System Interoperability for TETRA-TETRAPOL Networks


The ISITEP project will achieve operational interoperability among European first responders by addressing the regulative, organizational, operational and technical issues. The project will define public specifications of technical and procedural innovations, as well as novel processes for safety applications.

HIPOW Protection of Critical Infrastructure against High Power Microwave Threats


The HIPOW project aimed to

  • Develop a holistic regime for protection of critical infrastructures against threats from electromagnetic radiation
  • Assist the embryonic European policy on protection of critical infrastructures to mature
  • Educing Critical infrastructures vulnerabilities regarding EMP/HPM threats


HIPOW conducted real experiments and tests on components and systems that constitute parts of critical infrastructures and developed a prototype sensor that can delete radiation and recommended detection and protective measures.

Life 2.0 Geographical positioning services to support independent living and social interaction of elderly people


The Life 2.0 system consists of a set of collaborative ICT based technologies that track and locate people that are relevant to the elderly people, giving them the chance to contact them with a phone call, a text message, the access to advanced multimedia content distribution systems or video telephony/conference solutions.  The system received the Design For All Foundation Award 2013 for the Living Lab category.

InDeal Innovative Technology for District Heating and Cooling


Challenged by climate change, and coupled with the need to secure sustainable economic growth and social cohesion, Europe must achieve a genuine energy revolution to reverse present-day unsustainable trends and live up to the ambitious policy expectations. A rational, consistent and far-sighted approach to heating and cooling is key for ensuring such transformation.


The target of InDeal is to turn the current District Heating and Cooling Systems (DHCS) into a new next-level automated DHCS that will guarantee the increase of the overall energy efficiency of the system accomplishing a fairly distribution of heating and cooling energy demands. In light of this, InDeal will make a significant step forward contributing to wider use of intelligent district heating and cooling systems and integration of renewables, waste and storage.