InDeal Steering Committee meeting

Net Technologies participated in the 1st Steering Committee for InDeal EU project, in Montpellier on 22.9.2016.

From the InDeal blog:


Steering Committee Meeting – M4 in Montpellier

The 1st Steering Committee Meeting was held in Montpellier on the 22nd of September 2016. The meeting was hosted by the SERM (Société d’Équipement de la Région Montpelliéraine), which operates district and cooling systems in Montpellier.

After the meeting in the premises of SERM, the participants were offered a visit to one of the District Heating and Cooling networks of Montpellier at Port Marianne (Le réseau urbain de Port Marianne). Great thanks to our hosts!


In the following link you can download a brochure of the DHC network (in French)

Le réseau urbain de Port Marianne


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