Security IT Assessment and Risk Mitigation Solution for Duba and Tabuk Plants

Net Technologies is proud to deliver the Security IT Assessment and Risk Mitigation Plan for two plants of Saudi Aramco, the biggest gas and oil company in the world, the Duba Plant and the Tabuk Plant.

Net Technologies, using the most suitable methodologies and tools, performed complete risk mitigation study, including

  • threats and vulnerability analysis
  • Impact severity analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk mitigation analysis
  • Cost estimation breakdown of the RA implementation


Net Technologies offers a broad range of services, included in which is consultancy for critical infrastructure governmental and industrial facilities. Such facilities include oil, gas, petrochemical, fertilizer industry, power generation, water desalination, mines, mineral processing and seaports, military airports, naval stations, chemical compounds.

Net Technologies, having a team of specialized experts, offers complete IT and Network security and protection services.

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