TETRA Radio Planning and Network design for Yamama Co and Gas Arabia in Saudi Arabia

Net Technologies is proud to deliver the radio design projects for Yamama Plant and Gas Arabia pipelines in Saudi Arabia.


For the project, Net Technologies cooperated with Dubaib and Sulaim Co, a specialized construction company operating in the Gulf Region.


Net Technologies, using the most suitable methodologies and tools, performed

  • Outdoor Radio Coverage Study for the TETRA signal distribution along the way to Yamama Pipeline Route.
  • Investigation of the optimum solution to achieve client’s requirements and target KPIs.
  • Simulate and present the outdoor signal distribution in terms of signal strength, terminal classes (HPR deep indoor, HPR indoor, HPR Outdoor and VMR Outdoor).
  • The simulations are performed with the latest release of powerful professional radio planning tool – Mentum Planet 6.1.
  • Using deterministic propagation models (such as CRC-Predict 4.8) to have more realistic coverage results.
  • Following the technical TETRA ETSI standards for dimensioning network characteristics during the simulation process.
  • Simulations performed with detailed digital satellite maps.
  • Preliminary evaluation of existing signals, in the area of interest, based on professional drive tests performed with Nemo Outdoor and Nemo Analyze.


In addition, we performed

  • TETRA system design including the core network connectivity.
  • Selecting the best antenna types and configuration from various worldwide TETRA manufacturers.
  • Specification of the cables and feeder types and respective connection elements.
  • Dimensioning of TETRA traffic resources including calculations of the maximum users/terminals to be supported by the network.
  • Frequency analysis investigating frequency pairs which do cause interference and intermodulation distortion including calculations of transmitter noise and received desensitization.
  • Generation bill of materials (BoM).
  • Using in-house supporting tools such as Network Planning and Optimization Services (P-ProM), Site Survey and Site Survey Services (S-ProM), Site Integration and Communication Services (I-ProM), Coverage and Performance Testing Services (T-ProM)
  • Provide recommendations for optimization and improvement of network operations.


Yamama Co manufactures building products and is one of the leading cement companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Gas Arabia is leading total solution provider in the entire Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the field of oil, petrochemical, chemical and other related products.


DSCO is a specialized construction company, offering general engineering construction and LSTK services for the biggest infrastructure and industrial projects in the Gulf region.


Net Technologies offers a broad range of services in the field of wireless and secure critical communications, from feasibility studies to project implementation and project management, from network planning to final network and coverage testing and optimization.  In addition, Net Technologies offers security consulting for critical infrastructure and IT systems. The company offers exceptional know how in areas that include oil, gas, petrochemical, fertilizer industry, power generation, water desalination, mines, mineral processing and seaports, military airports, naval stations, chemical compounds.


Net Technologies, having a team of specialized experts, offers complete IT and Network security and protection services.

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