Network Design and Optimization

With over 16 years of expertise in technologies such as TETRA, MW, 2G/GSM, GSM-R, 3G/UMTS, LTE, VHF/UHF, WiFi and WiMAX, Net Technologies provides both standard and customized solutions for the cellular, public safety and broadcast sectors, ensuring high quality and cost effective coverage irrespective of location, supported by a commitment to exceptional service.

To guarantee the highest level of quality for the services delivered, Net Technologies has established a complete set of methodologies for the network design and optimization following the ISO9001 standard, as follows:

Network Planning and Optimization Services, P-ProM©
Site Survey and Site Acceptance Services, S-ProM©
Coverage and Performance Testing Services, T-ProM©

Our methodologies cover all the processes, procedures and required reports and forms for the delivery of our services. Each method is composed of:

General Outline
Detailed Guidelines
Reports and Forms

Each methodology is an integrated, vendor independent approach, for all current mobile technologies and is supported by a set of tools developed in-house, or by third parties.