Supporting tools

At Net Technologies, our extensive portfolio means we can provide comprehensive, effective solutions for wireless coverage across a large and varied number of environments. We are experts in understanding and applying the best products to fit the solution and environment.

In mission critical environments, where emergency services and first responders need to share communications, methods and operations procedures, we understand PPDR cooperation as vital one.

Net Technologies has developed tools to support PPDR and TETRA/TETRAPOL users, partly including our work in the ISITEP consortium and the EU funded project “Inter System Interoperability for TETRA/TETRAPOL users”.


These sophisticated tools are:


In addition, we have developed:

  • NMS LogBook; this logbook is our own tool which provides network analysis, statistics and reports. NMS LogBook is based on the own developed Intelligent Database Administration Tool.
  • Indoor planning tool (IN-Winet): This NT tool is a TETRA indoor simulation tool. Based on sophisticated coverage algorithms, the tool predicts the coverage inside a building for TETRA users.