To guarantee the highest level of quality for the services delivered, Net Technologies has established a complete set of methodologies (ProM’s) for the implementation of ICT networks.


Our services for wireless networks and the corresponding methodologies follow:



(Click on the above links to download brochures about each methodology)



Our methodologies cover all the processes, procedures and required reports and forms for the delivery of our services. Each method is composed of:


  • General Outline
  • Detailed Guidelines
  • Reports and Forms
  • Tools


Each methodology is an integrated, vendor independent approach, for all current mobile technologies and is supported by a set of tools developed in-house, or by third parties.



Net Technologies Tools


At Net Technologies, our extensive portfolio means we can provide comprehensive, effective solutions for wireless coverage across a large and varied number of environments. We are experts in understanding and applying the best products to fit the solution and environment.


We have a list of custom developed tools which includes:


  • NMS LogBook; this logbook is our own tool which provides network analysis, statistics and reports. NMS LogBook is based on the own developed Intelligent Database Administration Tool.
  • Dimensioning tool (IDT); This NT dimensioning tool is applicable to any wireless cellular network, for theoretical estimation of the required number of base stations needed to cover both capacity and coverage requirements is developed. (download pdf presentation)
  • Indoor planning tool (IN-Winet): This NT tool is a TETRA indoor simulation tool. Based on sophisticated coverage algorithms, the tool predicts the coverage inside a building for TETRA users.


We have also developed own tools for the Site Integration and Commissioning service. The following tools are part of our I-ProM methodology:


  • I-ProM Sco.P.E: Subcontractors Performance Evaluation is used for the efficient assessment and monitoring of subcontractor’s performance.
  • I-ProM SWAP Walk Through: A step by step guidance needed to complete a swap, including all instructions covering the whole swap procedure.


For the TETRA environment, please download our brochures for:


  • TETRA/Tetrapol Terminal Training Tool
  • TETRA Operations Training Tool